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Project Type

Restaurant Developed and conceptualize by Chef Nilesh Limaye


February 2023


Visvesvaraya Nagar, Club Road, Belgavi, Karnataka 590001


Kitchen Layout, Menu Formulation, Staff Hiring and Assistance, Training on the menu, Complete Restaurant Setup

Signature Dishes

Chaats : karari Palak Chaat, Tandoori Shakarkand Chaat,
Soups: Idiappam Curried Broth, Kokum Coconut Shorba
Starters: Paneer Makhni Croquettes, Beet malai Shammi, Mushroom Cheese Khari
Kebabs: Shikampuri Seekh
Sabji: Palak Makai Makhana
Curries and Gravies: Kajuchi Ussal, Anjeer Kofta masaledar
Dals: Langarwali Dal, Tomato Pappu
Roti: Baal Laccha Paratha, Missi Roti
Rice: Sofiyani Khitchadi, para Masala Biryani
Sweets: Akhrot halwa, Gulab kali

Belgaum is a tier 2 city in the Karnataka state. Sona Chaandi is our first take in the city bringing in various cuisines from india on platter. The approach is very Neo Rich complete delightful experience for the residents of the city. The Guests have accepted the modernity in the food as it is light, fresh and natural. A team of Chefs, Service staff take care of the day to day operations.

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