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Project Type

Restarurant Designed and Conceptualise by Chef Nilesh Limaye


April 2023


Kitchen Designing, Menu Planning, Staff Training, Signature Dishes

Signature Dishes

Thalis: Seafood Thali, kolhapuri Mutton, Chicken sagoti Thali and Shakahari Puneri Thali
Soup: Mutton Alni
BBQ: Rangdaa Tandoori Crab
Fish Tikka Zhanzhanit (Rawas)
Kheema Goli Kebab
Tangdi cha Cho
Mains: Dalimbi Misal, Paneer Ajanta
Kheema Parsundi, lavni Chicken, Gosht Khaliya, Kalya Masalyacha Solapuri Mutton
Sides: Lasun fry, Kakdi ani Dalimbyachi koshimbir
Dal: Hingacha Varan, Akkha Masoor
Dessert; kesar Phirnee, Olya Naralachi Shikran, Mastani

Sea. Fire. Salt. Is that rare Flavoured Land a heart can witness on this beautiful earth. Food so delicious that one savours a colourful amalgamation of spices to feel the authenticity of what a real food can be, elegant perfection on your platter to bring a smile to your face at first sight, fragrance to fill your heart with worldliness, and delicate textures to please the palate like never before. Every beautiful creation comes in pairs, just like the sun & moon, Food & Drink is the greatest combination we can relish each & every day. Taste the most flavorful and exotic Alcoholic Beverages to bewitch your senses and emotions to take you on an out-of-this-world experience.
SFS serves very authentic local Maharashtrian cuisine with loads of variety in Kebabs, Crab, lobster, KingFish as well as varied vegetarian dishes and at Yolo we can order stone baked Pizzas, Lasagna, Mezze platters and Biryanis.

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